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I live in Batavia, Illinois with my husband, Chad, a mini-Missy and a mini-Chad, a mini Lab, and a bunch of goldfish scattered throughout in various containers. I do have a dream to someday have some chickens and a goat, or two, but I wonder if I can do that and still wear cute shoes, so……. maybe not.


I am in love with my job! I just adore documenting weddings and I do this with a sincere and genuine passion and zest. My work speaks about each individual couple I photograph and my goal is pretty simple: To produce beautiful, endearing imagery.

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Random acts of kindness
Dahlias and botanicals
Summer nights
Fur babies
Great shoes
Sky blue

I prefer tea over coffee, and
I will work for cake.
Things that make me smile:

I provide my clients with a collection of images comprised of two different styles. The first represents those spontaneous moments when the subject is not asked to participate with me or the camera ("smile... turn sideways... put your arm around her"). These are moments the photographer "sees". It would be a tearful glance between a bride and her groom, a touch of a mother's hand on her child's silky soft cheek, or maybe the hysterical laughter of two long-time friends. I believe moments like these are priceless and cannot be overlooked by your photographer.


The second style I employ is portraiture. An art in itself, this involves the participation of my subject. My goal in this style is to bring out the individual (or group's) manner, feelings, and overall best qualities. Through careful planning, creativity, and often the ideas of you, the subject, I create one-of-a-kind images you, your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren will forever cherish.


Thank you for stopping by. Contact me so I can learn what makes you smile. :)


Have a beautiful day,



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“Beautiful and Endearing Imagery”LIFE AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHYElite Photo
BATAVIA, ILLINOISLOCATED INLife & wedding photographer
BATAVIA, ILLINOISLOCATED INLife & wedding photographer